Recreation programmes

A very intense tempo of modern life leaves us very little time to relax. We offer you a real getaway from hectic days to Odessa spa resorts What could be better then combining sightseeing program with relaxing  procedures!

We organize the accommodation of our tourists at  the  best spa resorts of Odessa — Maristella club and Grand Marine.

Maristella club

Maristella club is a unique wellness-spa-resort located on the seaside representing a full complex of services directed on magnificent rest, improvement of organize and restoration of its vital force and energy Being in the spa resort Maristella club you can endlessly admire the panoramic view of the Black sea from your hotel-room.

Maristella club offer a wide spectrum of balneology, mud and salt cure, the special dietary menu, respiratory gymnastic, physiotherapy exercises and other methods of improvement directed on deducting of toxins from organism, restoration of energy forces and organism functions, soul and body harmonization.

Maristella club famous Biodetox program is based on biopower treatment with using of a cellular resonance and methods of harmonization of power fields of the person. 

The most advanced and effective way of restoration and correction of the organize is the simultaneous infulkence on biological and energy fields of each cell of the human body, Such influence allows not only to restore physical energy of the organism, but also to clear the true reasons of the diseases and problems.

Grand Marine

The health improvement SPA-hotel Grand Marine is located on the Black Sea coast of Odessa city in the elite recreational region Sovinyon.

In the medical center of SPA-hotel innovative medical technologies are used which don’t have analogs in the south of Ukraine. The basic directions of treatment-and-prophylactic activity of the Center are the cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, nephrology, urology, gynecology, endocrinology, dermatology and cosmetology.

Also to the guests services the extensive complex of SPA-procedures is offered. These are: balneotherapy (mineral and pearl baths, an underwater shower-massage, aroma baths  with use of mineral water from own sources) and mud therapy  with using of a dirt of Kujalnitsky estuary.