Excursions in Lviv

Excursions in Lviv



Nonclassical Lviv

10.00 Meeting with the guide . On request breakfast in the restaurant near the picturesque market square . Our journey familiar to most visitors and Lvov Market area and surrounding streets, can intrigue even those who have repeatedly visited Lvov . Architecture and pleasant atmosphere of the city as always will accompany us during the trip . Visiting the Roman Catholic Cathedral , the Armenian Church , Boim Chapel , and Jewish quarters. But the main thing! Our guide will draw attention to the fact of who, with whom, when and why? Who first brought from Lvov kiwi to Europe? What was the cost of the first car in Lvov ? What was hidden in an artificial hill on Mount High Castle ? How much gold is spent on the restoration of the Opera House ? During the tour we will show and open secrets secret signs on the walls of temples and Lvov defense walls . You will learn how to hide from enemies citizens the most valuable thing they had - water. Who are fondanserki and what they were doing ? All of this ( and other) ! We will tell and show ! 12:30 End of the tour. On request, advise and reserve a seat in the restaurant with the present atmosphere of Lvov . Duration: 2.5 hours .

Not far from the Market Square there are places that are not well known among tourists. And for good reason ! For the ancient surroundings, such as : Kastelivka , or Tales " professorial colony " - a fantastic place , built up at the end of IX- XX in the first half . luxury estates and surrounded by beautiful parks . Peaceful journey will take you to unusual and mysterious atmosphere of Lvov, at which nostalgically yearn themselves Lvov . We'll see a place where members of the OUN shot Soviet consul , look mysterious house - castle , learn the dark secrets of Lvov antiquarians and collectors will look to caress bizarre architectural forms Palace Mrs. Franz . You will learn how and where the city first tried to produce mineral water. And, of course , we are waiting for a fun walk sung by poets Lvov tram. Free time ! Opportunity to enjoy the Lvov and continue your journey ! Attention! Our stay exclusive and is only for people who love to experiment and learn more ! Duration of the excursion program - 2.5 hours .
Nightwatch of Lvov

If by chance you can not sleep at night, look out the window and see people with flashlights . Do not panic! This mayor assistants - they just cherish your dream ... When the evening at Lvov dusk falls , and wake up in the dark alleys of the secrets to the streets , surrounded by faithful helpers , goes night Mayor - Mr. Shlyussel . He watches people and seeks peace offenders who live on the dark side of the moon. And if, by some chance, Mr. Mayor unwell, it will always be able to replace the faithful wife - Mrs. Zosia . Do not portend the clock tower of trouble last night? Do not lose the key to the city mayor ? Or maybe someone lost soul looking for peace in this dark hour? Unexpected encounters, creepy legends , ghosts, secret rites - all this awaits you during the night stay. If you are not afraid to become an assistant to Mr. Shlyusselya - join us! And for the good work Mr. Mayor you devote to the honorary rank of "Employee Nightwatch of Lvov ." Mayor help maintain order in the night city can everyone who wants to experience a real adventure! Every Friday and Saturday at 21:00 By invitation only.
Batyarska Dream

In Lvov, no ocean, but there is a lot of beer and treats! Batyarska wisdom How to become a real Lvov Batyar in a short time? We help you with this. Perform with us his "Batyarska dream!" Getting immersed in a sea of ??Lvov beer and treats the special Beer Square, which has a different name . Those interested can get acquainted with beer Tits that if you're clever beer lovers , will give an unusual beer with milk. Continue the journey ancient streets around Market Square, where you will learn : "Who? With whom? How much? " . As the best brasserie Naftula T?pfer lured customers mustache owner? What beer in Lvov called "orphan "? Why in one of the restaurants in the Market beer Galba chains bolted to the tables? The second live beer tasting in the picturesque and mysterious restaurant. During the tasting, participants will look bricked into the wall and see the money discoverer of mineral water "Naftusya" . Third tasting. Hiking in the beer museum of " Lvovske ". Overview of the museum where you can learn what face control were Lvov brewers in the XVIII century and as the owner of the brewery, Robert Doms, Jr. using colored chips fought corruption at the brewery . Optional: offer lunch in the restaurant "Robert Doms "

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