Excursions in Odessa

Excursions in Odessa

    Panoramic city tour

    This tour brings the tourists to the main highlights of the city that are familiar even to those who have never visited it: Opera House, Potemkin Steps, monument to Rishilieu, Deribasovskaya street... Come and touch the history and the present life of this magnetic city.
    The Mysteries of the Odessa Catacombs

    The city catacombs appeared as a result of the extraction of the limestone used for the construction of Odessa and they are everywhere under the city and its suburbs. A lot of myths and legends about this underground town have been rumored from the very beginning. The catacombs gave shelter to the homeless people, to those who were crashed and pursued, to the thieves and the smugglers. But mainly the catacombs are known for the partisan movement in Odessa during the WW2. On the place of one of such partisan detachments in the village of Nerubaiskoye a unique underground Museum of Partisan Glory was organized.
    The Bilghorod-Dnistrovsky Fortress

    Is located in the mouth of the Dniester river, 80 km from Odessa. The modern town of Bilghorod-Dnistrovsky begins its history in the 6th century BC, when the ancient Greek town of Tyra was founded on the right bank of the river. Within the long period of its existence the fortress has survived dozens of wars and rulers, each bringing new architectural and military elements to the original towers and walls. After visiting the fortress you can gladden your heart with the best wines in a factory located in the village of Shabo- the first and the only one Swiss colony in the former Russian Empire, which began to exist since 17th century.
    Literary Odessa

    This tour will bring you to the famous Museum of Literature and to the places connected with the names of famous writers and poets that lived in Odessa and glorified it.
    Different cultures of Odessa

    Odessa always was known as a multinational city, and the presence of different peoples was reflected in the variety of temples of different religious denominations: Ukrainian Orthodox and Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Moslem, Protestant and Greek Orthodox, Karaite and Judaic. A tour to one of the monasteries or corvents can be organized.
    Everything He Had He Gave to the Song ..(Musical Odessa)

    Excursion is dedicated to the life of a famous jazzman Leonid Utesov and other musicians who lived and worked in Odessa.
    Criminal Odessa

    Such tour could appear in any other city of Ukraine and Russia, but only in Odessa local thieves, burglars, gangsters and swindlers were known for their special "chic" and "high-class skill". Their names were whispered both with horror and and secret admiration, many of them became the characters of books describing the life of the city in the 19th-beginning of the 20th cent.
    Vilkovo- "The Town On Water"

    This small town is located 189 km away from Odessa, in the mouth of the Danube and often is referred to as "Ukrainian Venice". There for sure you will enjoy fish meal after boating along its canal-streets.
    Museum smuggling

    Contraband - almost a legitimate way to earn a living in Odessa. It's no secret that the smuggling world does not sleep, only instead of \French perfume and tights our "craftsmen" are looking illegal ways import for cars, alcohol, weapons, antiques and art objects. By the way, Alexander (the owner of the museum) has a story of the emerald necklace of Catherine the Great, who in 1980 tried to take over the port director of the Moscow store. In this amazing museum will tell you how these talents were exposed.

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